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Schedule of Upcoming quilt & artwork Photography Sessions

   Seattle Area:

        **Note:  Quilt & Artwork Photography Sessions have taken place at the new Quiltworks NW location in Bellevue throughout Summer and Fall of 2018.  The current classroom allows high quality photographs of small, medium and medium large quilts and other artwork.  Please Contact Mark to arrange a new photography session date convenient to you.

    *** Please call or email Mark for appointment at any scheduled session, to ask questions, or to set up a photography  appointment for an additional date and/or location.

             Email  markfreyphoto@ywave.com       Telephone  360.894.3591 

   Best of the Northwest 2019 Spring Show: April 13th-14th***

       Mark will set up a photography studio to photograph art and craft work at the 31st Annual Spring 2019 Best of the Northwest arts and crafts show, Hangar 30, Magnuson Park, Seattle.  Show dates are April 13 thru April 14.  Contact Mark in Advance for an Appointment, which includes a Discount on photography fees.  NOTE:  Artists do not have to be exhibiting at the Spring Show to bring artwork to be photographed, and most artwork can be photographed at this location, including small and medium quilts.

  Best of the Northwest 2018 Fall Show:  November 9th-11th - completed

     Mark photographed for 7 show artists, producing images of 2D paintings, 2D mixed media, Fossilized Ivory Sculpture, Silver Jewelry, 3D Silver Boxes, Bonsai Trees, & Fine Woodworking Objects. 

  Vancouver/Portland Areas:

        Photography Session to be announced...                                         

       ** Please Call or Email Mark for session details and specific location               

  Northwest Art Alliance

      Additional Upcoming Shoots are being arranged for Best of the Northwest artists in the Seattle area in the future to photograph art and craft work in specific media categories.  Please watch for schedule, or contact NWAA for requests and more information.

 Artist Credits:  9- Bonnie Bucknam, quilt detail, 2012;  10- Helen Remick, quilt detail, 2013;  Jean Brautigan Mills, fiber detail, 2013